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Blowing her coat again :( We’re going to head to the self doggy-wash this Saturday to try to loosen up the undercoat a bit to make brushing easier.

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Congratulations on being an Editor’s Pick on Pack!

Dog: Sage, the Siberian Husky. Human: (the awesome person who owns this photo!): Ashley Covert. See more of this doghttp://packdog.com/post/hdGxQ

Sage! :)

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@inviernofunk "Lol!!! Wolfdogs police!!! Let me tell you that Chenoa's dad is half malinois half Canadian black wolf. 😘😘😘😘😂😂😂"


Referring to this post.

Wow! Sounds like a facinating wolfdog. I’d love to see a wolfdog that is half  ”Canadian black wolf”. Here’s a hint: there’s no such thing as a “Canadian black wolf”. There are Grey wolves with dark coats though.

What you have there is a Malinois, possible a GSD/Malinois mix, but not a wolfdog.

Died at “Canadian black wolf” Dear lord these people.

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I love how she sleeps with her tongue sticking out

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URGENT: Biggie is a SIberian Husky/German Shepherd mix (no wolf) up for adoption in Guelph, Ontario.

Know of a wolfy-looking dog or wolfdog in need of a home? Submit to us!

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We ordered our first Petbox! I’m actually quite impressed with it and am considering ordering more.

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